Breakfast with Jonny Wilkinson

by Chris England

June 2012


It is 22nd November 2003 and Dave, the manager of Greyhawks Rugby Football Club is expecting a full house in the bar to watch the match on his brand new screen. The position of manager of the club is due for re-election and Matt, Dave's Austalian rival, is determined that the vote will go his way, even if he has to resort to dirty tricks with the help of his Australian boss Lena. Eventually, however, it is revealed that Dave is not above dirty tricks either which leaves the way open for Nina, the captain of the Ladies Team.

Jake is a promising young player who has been rescued from a life of crime by Dave. He models himself closely on Jonny Wilkinson and as the match nears a climax it seems that the result depends not on what goes on on the TV screen but what Dave does on the field outside.

Meanwhile, Nigel has grudgingly returned from Australia where he had hoped to watch the match live because his wife is about to give birth. He is determined not to let that get in the way of him enjoying the match on TV.

Recording it all, especially the more scandalous events which gradually reveal themselves is Exley, the bored reporter who thinks rugby is a load of rubbish.

This hilarious comedy had the audience roaring with laughter throughout.

team photo

Above: Team photo after the show

Below: Breakfast with Jonny Wilkinson in rehearsal:

scene from rehearsal
scene from rehearsal
The Cast
Jim Joyce Phil Storer
Jim Joyce as Dave the manager Phillip Storer as Matt who wants to be manager
Dave Steward Tom
Dave Steward as Exley, the football reporter who doesn't understand rugby Tom Newport as Jake who models himself on Jonny Wilkinson
Al Lester Sam Beckett
Al Lester as Nigel, the yobbish club member who thinks wathcing the match is more important than the birth of his first child Sam Beckett as Nina, captain of the Ladies' team and the only club captain to have won a trophy
Nicola Harvey  
Nicola Harvey as Lena, the Australian visitor whose attempt to carry out Matt's dirty trick goes wrong  

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