Curtain Call by Betine Manktelow

Curtain Call poster




November/December 2010



This comedy followed the hardships suffered by the manager of a regional theatre as he tried to run the theatre and balance the books despite having to deal with an over-zealous and extravagant amateur producer and her bombastic councillor husband who is also Chairman of the Theatre Trustees. The professional stage manager and her staff are rebelling, the amorous front of house manager can't keep his hands off the women and the manager's secretary is always in a bad mood. To make things worse, the woman from the Arts Council who is responsible for granting funding is on a visit of inspection and Doreta, the Chairman's wife, is drunk! But all's well that ends well when Doreta finally finds the courage to stand up to her bullying husband and the theatre manager can get on with what he is supposed to be doing - running the theatre!