Nobody's Fool by Simon Williams

Lenny, Gus and DeeDee talking


Lenny talking to his ex wife

Indian Head massage Lenny dressed as Myrtle



September 2009

This play featured the popular romantic novelist Myrtle Banbury who is really none other than divorced, male, statistician Lenny. Lenny lives with his father, Gus, and daughter, Dee Dee. Their problems start when Letitia Butters, presenter of the hit TV show Mind Your Own Business, wants to interview Myrtle Banbury in her own home. How can he conduct the interview without having to appear to the great British public in drag? To add to his problems, his ex wife Fran turns up and "lets the cat out of the bag" with the news that his daugher, Dee Dee, is pregnant. All's well that ends well with the help of modern technology!

NGus and Deedee using the computer

Lenny as Myrtle and his ex wife