The Anniversary

by Bill Macilwraith


cast poster


February 2016

Since Dad thankfully died, Mum has carried on his builders' business and profits have increased two hundred and fifty per cent. As Tom, her youngest son says: "We must be the only builders putting up condemned property".

Mum has three sons whom she has lacerated with her warped love, binding them to her with gifts, threats and a ruthless exploitation of their weaknesses. But as the family is unwillingly brought together to celebrate Mum's wedding anniversary - regardless of a deceased Dad - revolt is in the air. Middle son Terry tries to gather the courage to make a life-changing announcement while Tom dares to bring a new face into the home, in the form of his new fiancée Shirley. Mum reacts to these acts of betrayal as only she can, fighting back with every weapon in her formidable armoury!

A startling comedy, The Anniversary takes that most beloved of human instincts, motherhood, and transforms it into a malicious possessiveness of epic proportions. For lovers of malicious gossip, jaw-dropping insults and brutally funny one-liners, The Anniversary is two hours of pure bliss!