The Final Test
by Chris Paling

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June 2015

Our summer production was The Final Test by Chris Paling. It was a touching and poignant comedy about marriage, cricket and the danger of turning a blind eye to what is happening around you.

Peter likes nothing better than sitting in the garden listening to the cricket but his wife has other ideas. While Peter dozes in his deckchair, listening to the final test from The Oval, Ruth has plans to make her life more exciting and they don't include Peter. takes a lover and plans to move to the coast. Peter remains blissfully ignorant, not only of the affair but also of the fact that the house has been sold from under him. The new owners move in to find Peter still ensconced in the garden with no plans to interupt the cricket! Author, Chris Paling, was born in Derby and is an acclaimed novelist. He has also written a series of plays for BBC Radio 4. This is his first stage play.