The Haunting
by Hugh Jane

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The Haunting


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November/December 2014

There was a palpable chill in the air this Christmas as a spine-tingling ghost story made its way to the Venture Theatre.

Set in a crumbling eerie mansion in Victorian times, David Filde, a dealer in antiquarian books, is employed by Lord Gray to catalogue the library of rare volumes left by his father.  He has barely begun the task when a series of strange and unexplained events starts to occur, conspiring to keep him from his work.  As Filde struggles to convince his sceptical employer that the mysterious phenomena and macabre apparitions he’s experiencing are real, the two men stumbled across a terrifying secret that will change their live for ever.

Adapted for the stage by Hugh Janes, The Haunting is based on several stories by Charles Dickens.  Since its premiere at the Theatre Royal, Windsor, in 2010, it has been scaring sell-out audiences country wide with its intense atmosphere and creepy suspense.  Spine chillers are a popular and traditional Christmas treat and this play did not fail to get our audiences quivering!

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The Haunting



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