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    On Yer Bike by Stewart Howson

June 1997

ADS director Paul Smith saw the original production of 'On Yer Bike' performed by the NTC Touring Theatre Group and was immediately struck not only by its novelty but also the simplicity of staging.

The play follows a group of cyclists embarking on a commemorative ride in honour of a long-standing recently deceased fellow club member. Although this disparate bunch of characters do not always see eye to eye, they have one overriding thing in common - a love of that instrument of human independence and cheerful anarchy, the bicycle!

A touching and nostalgically wistful comedy, 'On Yer Bike' also features many hilarious and ingenious depictions of the incidents which occur during the epic journey, including encounters with roadworks, farm dogs, tunnels and steep hills. Audiences were always curious to know how a lengthy bike ride could actually be depicted on stage and the first appearance of the "bike-riding" quintet always received a giggle.

Performed 'in the round' (or to be more accurate, on a thrust stage) by a strong cast, 'On Yer Bike' remains one of the most distinctive and fondly remembered productions ever performed at The Venture. We were delighted to have the author of the play Stewart Howson (also a professional actor) visit us for the final performance and give a short heartfelt speech to cast & audience afterwards.


Above: Members of the cast with Stewart Howson, the author and director Paul Smith

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