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    Blood Money by Heather Brothers

September/October 2004


Seven years ago, Mike Mason, star of TV's Bargain Basement and his wife, Liz, killed young Carol Mitchell in a hit-and-run car accident and now it seems they have at last been found out.

A mysterious telephone caller claims to be Carol Mitchell and her name appears in blood on the wall.  Liz is certain she has been followed; then a car pulls up outside the house and shots soon ring out ....

Is Sue Thompson, the pretty neighbour, with whom Mike is having an affair, implicated in any way?  Is Dr Julie Campbell, who treats Liz at a centre for alcoholics, involved?

From devious twist to shocking turn, Blood Money is a rollercoaster of a thriller, keeping the audience guessing and the tension mounting right up to the final curtain. Technically challenging and with three strong roles for women, this is something to look forward to for all fans of the stage thriller.

Featured Ben Roberts (Derek Conway in The Bill) in a specially commissioned filmed part.





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