Caught in the Net by Ray Cooney

November/December 2009

For their 2007 Christmas production, Ashby Dramatic Society chose the uproariously funny farce ‘Caught in the Net’ by master of the genre Ray Cooney. Directed by Janet Thorpe, this play is guaranteed to have the audience laughing. This is a direct sequel to his classic ‘Run for your Wife’ performed to much acclaim by Ashby Dramatic Society in the year 2000 and our bigamist taxi driver is still keeping both his families.

Life is very complicated for taxi driver John Smith. For many years he’s been leading two lives, with two houses and two wives, one in Wimbledon and one in Streatham, happy and blissfully unaware of each other. Then two babies come along, one with each wife, one a boy the other a girl. Still John manages to keep his chaotic life under control; surely it can’t get any worse, or can it? Horror of horrors, the two children become teenagers and worse still they meet on the internet and – bless them – now want to meet in person! Love is in the air and it is driving John up the wall. When it dawns on John that they are about to meet, he plunges into a hell-hole of his own making in order to keep them apart. He must stop the meeting at all costs, even if the effort needed to do so drives him stark raving mad – which it will do, especially with the help of lodger Stanley.

The play was a great success with every night a sell out.



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