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    Enter a Free Man by Tom Stoppard

March 2001


Tom Stoppard's 1968 play was adapted for the stage from his own 1963 radio production 'A Walk On Water'. It told the story of George Riley, eternal dreamer and self-styled inventor, forever on the verge of coming across the one idea that will make his name and fortune. George has two lives - one at home where his kind-hearted wife and long-suffering daughter put up with his foibles, and one at the local pub where the George Riley he would like to be holds court! On one particular weekend though, George's way of life looks to be in jeopardy when reality intrudes both at home and at his local.


A melancholy play about hopes and dreams for the future and when or whether we should let go of them, 'Enter A Free Man'  also features early examples of Stoppard's hilariously surreal dialogue exchanges. The cast of eight delivered strong performances, bringing to vivid life the eclectic mix of  dreamers, drifters and chancers.


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