Hobson's Choice by Harold Brighouse


Hobson's daughter and Will

Hobson coming home drunk

Hobson and daughter


The family and Will








November/December 2006

For their Christmas production Ashby Dramatic Society chose the classic comedy ‘Hobson’s Choice’ directed by Peter Vardon. First performed in 1915 and rarely out of production since then, Hobson’s Choice, with its richly drawn characters and compelling drama, remains as funny, radical and timeless as ever.

Left to bring up three daughters on his own, and, run his own business, blustering Salford bootmaker Henry Hobson spends a lot of his time  trying to control the lives of his three irrepressibly bumptious daughters. He is sure that his two younger daughters could make fine marriages but, he has different thoughts about his eldest daughter Maggie. However, Maggie rebels and sets out to woo her father’s master bootmaker, the exceedingly shy Willie Mossop. But she has a lot more on her mind than marriage…..

This story of a fathers struggles to balance his life while dealing with his offspring is a classic comedy which provided a very enjoyable evening at the theattre. This famous comedy was performed ‘In the round’, a uniquely theatrical experience which transported the audience into the heart of the action.

Character from Hobson's Choice .....Hobson's daughter
Hobson's daughter and Will
The Doctor
Scene with two characters