Theatre roles

Exterior of The Venture  Theatre at night

This is a new feature on our website. The idea is to let people know more about what goes on at the theatre "behind the scenes". If you are thinking of becoming a member it may give you a better idea of the sort of thing you would like to be involved with. We will be adding a new role each month.

Click a thumbnail picture below to open an article in pdf format. At present there is only one entry but each month we will add another so keep checking this page.

The Director

The Actor

The Set Builder

Di Crane directing a play

Nicola Harvey as Eliza in Pygmalion THE SET BUILDER
Diane Crane as Director. Nicola Harvey in her role as
Eliza in Pygmalion..
Mike Cox talks about set building.
The Scene Painter The Set Dresser Lighting and Sound Effects
Angela Solomon in her art club writing on the wall on the set of Rebecca Chris at the lighting desk

Angela Solomon, the artist at work.


The writing on the wall, an example of Hilary Howden's innovative set design for our production of Rebecca. Chris Bingley at the lighting desk
The Bar Costumes Props

The Bar staff managers

costumes for Canterbury Tales

Sylvis and Wendy
Bar manager, David Joyce (centre) with assistant managers Anne Joyce and Nigel Freer. Costumes for Canterbury Tales Sylvis Brooks and Wendy Allen lead us into the Alladin's Cave of the Props department.
Publicity Front of House Stage makeup

Wendy Freer, Publicity Co-ordinator


Fran Williams, Front of House Manager

Fran Williams, Front of House Manager

The many faces of Paul Smith

Some of the many faces of Paul Smith

Prompt Play reading  


Watch this space



Watch this space